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$ave on PFDs
Keep life vests & throwables clean, and protect them from the sun's harmful UV damage to help increase the life of your PFDs.
If a vest or throwable is ripped or cut, it should be replaced.  But regular maintenance will prevent premature aging of PFDs...
Start by protecting new life vests and throwables against the sun's UV rays with 303 Protectant®.  This product works great on nylon and neoprene vests, vinyl, rubber, and many other items.
For used vests, follow the steps below to ensure your PFDs live a long and healthy life:

  • Slosh dirty vests and throwables thoroughly in a warm detergent solution.
  • Rinse completely in clean water.
  • To kill mold and mildew, dip in a solution of ½-cup bleach, 1 cup of vinegar, and 20 gallons of water.
  • Dip new or cleaned vests in a solution of 1 cup of 303 Protectant® per gallon of water, or spray thoroughly.  Hang in SHADE until dry. 
More PFD Info:
Type IV throwables can be a square throw cushion, ring buoy, or horseshoe buoy, with floating line for retrieval. 
Make sure you have properly fitting
                  life vests for everyone on board:
Baby & Infant to 30#
Child / Small 30-50#
Youth / Medium 50-90#
Teen & Adult over 90#
    Type II adult sizes regular & extra-large
    Type III adult sizes X-Small to 7x
Pet Preservers
    XXS under 18" Chest to XL 42" Chest