Harbortown Marine
Trailers Need TLC Too
Once boating season is under way, your trailer shouldn't be forgotten.  If you use your trailer regularly, you should check it on a regular basis.
If you store your trailer for the summer while your boat is at the dock, don't wait until you need it to find there are problems -- whether you travel 2 miles or 200 miles.

  • Check all lights for proper on/off, braking, and turn signals.  Make sure connectors are in good condition.


  • Lubricate hitch, inspect bearings, seals & hubs, replace if necessary. Pack wheel bearings with waterproof marine/trailer grease.


  • Inspect tires & rims for damage, check treads and air pressure.


  • Check bunks and/or rollers and guides for wear or damage, proper adjustment and support.


  • Make sure the coupler, winch, and trailer jack are secure and fully operational.  Check the winch rope, cable, or strap.  Also inspect tietowns.


  • Replace any damaged or deteriorating parts.


  • If you have bunks, it's a good idea to use trailer bunk carpet.  It's designed to shed water and help your boat glide smoothly on the trailer bunks.  Regular household or commercial floor carpeting tends to hold water, which can cause mold and mildew, and can rot the carpeting.  Use of regular carpeting can also cause extra friction when winching your boat onto the trailer, which puts more strain on your winch and bow eye.


  • Above all, do repairs before they get critical.  If you don't have the time to do it yourself, give Harbortown Marine a call and schedule repairs while you and your boat are out having a good time!